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The test can be customised to your specification and incorporated seamlessly into your website.

Psychometrics evolution: how testing has won over HR

“… the value pyschometrics give seems no longer to be in any question. “Psychometrics provide something that we as humans are not very good at – objective, unbiased, reliable and valid measures of peoples’ traits and characteristics,” says David Hughes, lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School. No-one, it seems, is arguing with this.”

Custom-built & Bespoke

Bespoke Personality Test Tailoring

We are specialists and experts in providing bespoke systems. We have designed customised testing systems for organisations all over the world.

Clients include:

– Mr Tire ( in the USA

– One of the largest recruitment agencies in the North Africa, Middles East & Southern Asia –

– The largest ISP provider in Brazil

– one of the largest Borough Councils of London – we have designed several psychometric testing systems for this council.

Improve your selection success and save time – include the DISC test as part of the process. We can provide seamless integration of the whole DISC system into your website/s. With the DISC results alongside the applicants’ details you can make a faster and more accurate decision.

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