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Psychometrics evolution: how testing has won over HR

“... the value pyschometrics give seems no longer to be in any question. “Psychometrics provide something that we as humans are not very good at – objective, unbiased, reliable and valid measures of peoples’ traits and characteristics,” says David Hughes, lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School. No-one, it seems, is arguing with this.”

The Big Five Model of Personality

Generally psychologists agree that, at the broadest level, personality can be described in terms of five main factors. These factors give a broad global description of an individual. Collectively they are known as ‘The Big Five’.

The Big Five Personality Factors In other words…..
Openness to Experience
Describes an individual’s pro-active seeking and appreciation of experience for its own sake.
Does the test-taker like to experience new and varied activities or do they prefer routine and familiarity?
Conscientiousness – Work Ethic
Describes how organised, motivated and thorough an individual is in life and in pursuing goals.
Is the test-taker an achiever? Industrious, thorough and well organised?
Extraversion describes how energetic and enthusiastic a person is – especially when dealing with people.
Is the test-taker outgoing, socially active and extravert. Alternatively does he focus inwardly and is happy working alone?
Describes a person’s attitudes towards other people.
Does the test-taker show compassion or are they tough and guarded?
Natural Reactions
(AKA Emotional Reactions)
Measures the different ways people have of reacting emotionally to pressure and stressful circumstances.
Are the test-taker’s reactions overly emotional? Do they tend to be apprehensive and anxious – or – are they cool, calm and collected?

30 Inter-related Facets

Each of the Five Factors is made up of 6 facets. The facets describe the distinctiveness and uniqueness of an individual in more detail.
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Internationally recognised as the ‘Gold Standard’ instrument with which to measure personality.
The NEO is our most in-depth Big 5 and 30 Facets Assessment. The questionnaire consists of 240 questions.

Reporting Method

1. Problem solving skills
2. Planning, organising and implementation skills
3. Style of relating to others
4. Personal Style

The Ocean Big Five Personality Test

The Ocean measures Big 5 and 30 Facets but is not as in-depth as the NEO – the questionnaire consists of 120 questions.

Critical Personality Assessment – CPA

This test is recommended as a pre-interview screening tool. Don’t Interview Strangers!

The CPA provides the world’s most comprehensive measurement of:
– Conscientiousness (Work Ethic)
– Emotional Reactions (Stability and Stress Tolerance)
– Extraversion.  Conscientiousness (Work Ethic) and Emotional Reactions (Stress Tolerance).

Hiring applicants who are more conscientious and less emotionally reactive
will result in employees who are pre-disposed to exert greater effort at work,
who persist at work for a longer period of time, are able to more effectively
cope with stress, and are more committed to work. 

Quote from The Blackwell Handbook of Principles of Organisational Behaviour.

Reporting Method – please take a look at this specimen report. [Report]


Fees range from £5 to £125 per test – please contact us for more information.



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