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Psychometrics evolution: how testing has won over HR

"... the value pyschometrics give seems no longer to be in any question. “Psychometrics provide something that we as humans are not very good at – objective, unbiased, reliable and valid measures of peoples’ traits and characteristics,” says David Hughes, lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School. No-one, it seems, is arguing with this."

Personality Testing Services – Selection Tools

We specialise in helping organisations and individuals measure the personality traits associated with successful job performance – more objectively and precisely than they have ever done before!

Improve your selection process.

Personality versus Skill or Experience

Research indicates that most selection, promotion, training/development ‘errors’ relate to judgements about personality rather than skill and experience.

Personality tests, asking precise questions and providing an objective analysis of the answers to those questions, help to reduce those errors. We would like you to think of the testing services that we provide as an additional highly structured, unbiased and objective interview. Think Mr Spock!

Our Mr Spock interviews measure aspects of a person’s personality and behaviour that cannot be measured at a conventional interview.

Learn more than you could ever learn face-to-face!

  • Personality tests use techniques that cannot be incorporated into a
    face-to-face interview.
  • Reliable
  • Low cost
  • No licensing or training fees.
  • Coaching to interpret results is built-in to our service.

Personality Testing Services – Training and Development Tools

Its logical – knowing how a person ticks will improve the success of your training and development programmes.

Good training and development increases job satisfaction and overall morale.

When to use:

  • Assessment centres
  • Team building
  • Coaching and personal development

warning Personality Tests are not a Substitute
Personality tests are not a substitute for personal judgement or responsibility! They should only be used in conjunction with conventional selection and interviewing techniques.

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