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Psychometrics evolution: how testing has won over HR

“... the value pyschometrics give seems no longer to be in any question. “Psychometrics provide something that we as humans are not very good at – objective, unbiased, reliable and valid measures of peoples’ traits and characteristics,” says David Hughes, lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School. No-one, it seems, is arguing with this.”

Conscientiousness – Work Ethic – Diligence

It’s commonsense – people with a high level of Conscientiousness are more likely to succeed – at whatever they do.

Stability & Stress Tolerance

Blend high levels of Conscientiousness with Stability and Stress Tolerance and you have an emotionally stable person who is going to commit themselves, work hard and not get stressed out.

Critical Personality Assessment – CPA

The Critical Personality Assessment provides the world’s most comprehensive measurement of:

  • Conscientiousness (Work Ethic)
  • Stability and Stress Tolerance

+ Extraversion

We also include the measurement of Extraversion – is the test-taker outgoing, socially active and extravert. Or inwardly focused and happy working alone?

Combining the measurement of Conscientiousness, Stability/Stress Tolerance and Extraversion ’rounds up’ the individual and provides a highly edifying personality snapshot.


Fees range from £10 to £25 per test – please contact us for more information.



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