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Have you got what it takes to work for MI5?

A Personal Awareness Test | Personality Assessment Solutions Ltd.

Intrigued to know if you have got what it takes to work for MI5 - The Security Service?

Take the test to find out! has teamed up with Personality Assessment Solutions Ltd to provide a short test to find out whether you could land a job at MI5. 

Have you got what it takes to be an MI5 Spook?

With the government looking for 1,000 extra intelligence officers have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a real life James Bond?

We have studied the websites of MI5 to try to identify what personality traits and behaviours are associated with success in the Security Service.

We then related those traits and behaviours to The Big Five Personality Model and created a short psychometric test to measure them.

Our short personality test should replicate the challenge faced by the MI5 personnel team and help identify the budding secret agents of the HR world.

Do you think you've got what it takes?   
Find out ... take the test.  Your results will be delivered confidentially and immediately.

Got what it takes?

Take the test now

Take the test now

A link to a list of the personality traits and behaviours that MI5 appear to consider crucial to success is given at the end of the test report.  Plus, of course, you can take a look at the MI5 links shown at the bottom of this page..  However, don't do this before you complete the test as you could distort the accuracy of your report.

We would like to stress that all of the observations made in test reports are the personal opinions of the staff of Personality Assessment Solutions Ltd. and are based on their visits to the MI5 website.  We would also like to stress that this test is a very short version of a much more comprehensive test instrument. 

MI5 links: 

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